So it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. The past couple months have been hectic. Quick summay of my summer so far. June 1st I drove to California with family to see my very sick grandfather. While in California I sustained a concussion. After our trip in California I was supposed to have surgery to remove my gallbladder. Well my surgeon wanted to postpone that since I had a concussion. So I had to wait to heal from my concussion and couldn’t get surgery until the end of June! Surgery itself went well. I had some difficulties a few days post-surgery because my body can never keep things simple. And I turned 30 yesterday! I have a hard time handling major stressors so blogging kind of went out the window.

Now I’m baaaack! I’m going to ease myself back into blogging and will try to blog at least once a week. As an autistic person I’m very clumsy and always have been. And honestly I can’t believe how my clumsiness wasn’t a red flag when I was younger. Here’s a fun story about my clumsiness. My husband, daughter and I were leaving the hotel so we could go to my grandparents for a family dinner. For our trip we had rented a van and I’m used to my smaller Kizashi Suzuki. I climb into the van and misjudge how far the door is and hit the top of my head on the door. The shock of the pain caused me to lose my balance and I fell over backwards and fell onto the parking lot. I landed on my back and hit the back of my head.

I see a white light and then I hear my husband shouting my name. The only reason I didn’t pass out was because I heard my husbands voice. My husband helps me up and I realize what happened. I scared my husband because he heard me scream as I hit my head on the door. But he didn’t see bump my head and so he thought I screamed as I was falling. It all happened so fast. He helped me into the van since there was no where else for me to sit. I realized I had lost one of my shoes and my husband found it in the van! I start crying because the pain on top of my head is worse than the pain on the back. I tell him to make sure I’m not bleeding because I feel a stabbing pain on the top of my head. Thankfully there’s no blood. And my poor daughter is in her car seat screaming and crying because she just witness me get seriously injured.

My husband has the sense to go run and grab Tylenol from our hotel room. He gives me Tylenol. I try to decide if I’m okay to go to the family dinner or just rest in our hotel. Then I’m crying saying how I need to go the ER. Because the stabbing pain in my head won’t go away! My husband finds the closest ER and takes me there.

Even though I’m originally from California I’m basically a Midwestern girl since I’ve lived in the Midwest since I was 2. I didn’t think about the ER experience being different (unfortunately due to my health I’ve been to plenty of ERs in Kansas) since I was in an excruciating amount of pain. Luckily security was very kind which would make up for the lack of compassion the nurses showed. Security saw my husband helping me into the hospital. And I was in so much pain and dizzy and could barely stand straight. The officer got me a wheelchair and said he would stay in line with me while my husband went and parked the car. The line was long to check in (first difference I noticed!) My husband was back before the nurse checked me in. I barely remember what my husband said or did or what the first part of the check in process was like. My husband was given paperwork to fill out on my behalf. We wait in the lobby for 40ish minutes waiting to be called back. My kid is fidgeting and wants to sit with me in my wheelchair. My husband is stressed and I’m wondering what’s taking so long. Finally I remember the paperwork the nurse gave my husband. I ask, weren’t you supposed to return the paperwork to the nurse? He says he doesn’t think so, but he goes ahead and asks.

It turns out they were waiting for him to return the paperwork so they could call me back. At the hospital I go to in Kansas, you just fill out a card stating why you’re in the ER and you’re put on a list to be called back. There is no waiting for you to fill out a book. They get your information in triage! I get called back and am seen by a nurse and physician’s assistant. The PA was so unprofessional and chatting with the nurse like they’re at happy hour. They didn’t seem too concerned that I was in a lot of pain and super dizzy. My daughter couldn’t stay still. She was twirling right next to me and almost fell and hit the wall. The PA was like be careful or you’ll get a concussion too. Her and the nurse started cracking up and them laughing at my child really ticked me off! A CT scan was ordered to be on the safe side. The radiologist technician who took me to get my scan was nice but was very new at his job. I had to get re positioned by, who I assumed was, the radiologist since the tech placed my head the wrong way. And then the technician realized I had earrings and told me to remove them. So I had to lay down again and I hoped the technician put my head back in the right spot. He was really nice afterwards though and gave me a warm blanket while I waited in the waiting room. In Kansas if a CT scan was going to be ordered then I would’ve been put in one of the little rooms in the ER. Then I would’ve been laying down in a bed waiting for my CT results! Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the Kansas ER format.

Finally a nurse came to get me and told me there was no room in the back for a wheel chair. She made me get up and put my wheel chair away. Which I didn’t understand because we went back to the same hallway where I first talked to the PA. I still had a hard time standing and was still dizzy. My husband had to help me down the hallway. We walked very slowly behind the nurse so I wouldn’t fall down. She turns around and says, Really, and sighs very loudly. We get to the room and finally the PA comes in and says everything looks fine. She tells me what symptoms to look out for, in case things get worse. I’m trying to focus but every time I follow her movement my eyes get blurry. She says I’m ready to be discharged and leaves the room. I finally process what she says and tell my husband that my eye sight is blurry if I look at someone moving. So my husband tells the nurse when she comes by and asks her if she can tell the PA. She says well your CT scan came back normal. My husband and I realize she’s not going to get the PA. We’re discharged. And I think my husband had to go hunt down a wheelchair. I can’t remember if he was successful in finding me a chair. I do remember a cleaning lady was very nice and opened the door for us so my husband could push me out the door or maybe he just helped me walk out the door. My memories are fuzzy at this point. But the only nice people were the non medical staff with the exception of the technician.

My concussion was such a lovely souvenir (sarcasm). I hate going to the ER but unfortunately I end up going a lot due to my health issues. And boy did I miss the ER near my home! Here’s to hoping the rest of my year is ER free! And dare I wish, for the rest of my life I never see the inside of another ER.

Do you have any ER horror stories? How to you cope with being in the ER? This reminds me, I do have another ER horror story from when I lived in Salina, KS. I’ll spare you the details of that story!

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I'm autistic. I'm also married and have a daughter. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Family Studies and Human Services.

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