Editor’s Note: I started writing this post on September 11th to give an update on my life and explain my absence on the blog. Of course I never got past the first paragraph. I’m giving a current update on October 15th. More than a month after I started this post. The first part of the post will be written in blue. The rest of the update will be written in black.

To say life has been chaotic would be an understatement. Between August 30th and August 31st our home flooded twice. We live in a humble two bedroom apartment. The first time we were told by maintenance that a rag from a previous tenant was clogging the pipes. The second time we were accused of flushing wipes but no evidence of wipes in the pipes was presented. That’s because we know NOT to flush wipes, we even drilled in my daughter’s head to never flush wipes. So we don’t know what happened. And we live in anxiety waiting for the toilet and pipes to just start flooding our home. And the first time the our home flooded management called for carpet cleaners. The second time it flooded we had to beg for carpet cleaners. And finally after a week and a half we got carpet cleaners! Our bathroom, bedroom and hallway had stunk! And everyday I had to open the patio doors to air our home. I was so worried about mold developing.

Current Update

It’s more than a month since I’ve started to write this post. I’m finally starting to get my life in order or at least attempting to get it in order. We moved for our health and our sanity’s sake. We had to rush to find an affordable place. We found an older duplex and it has more space and we now have an office! I’m absolutely thrilled about that so I now have a space to work on my blog and other projects! Moving was a headache. While the new place is nice we did come across some problems like a leaky toilet and leaky pipes in the basement. It was hard not to get angry since we left our last place due to water issues. Those problems are fixed and so far this place seems like it will be a good home. Oh and mold did develop sometime after our home flooded. But not in the place I feared, apparently sometime after the flood a leak from the upstairs neighbors happened above our closet. We discovered it as we were moving out. Like I said, despite a couple of small problems our new home seems to be much better and mold free. Hopefully we don’t have to move again anytime soon!

My health is not in the best shape. I did have an urgent procedure done the Tuesday before we moved. And I just needed some medicine to fix a problem. A biopsy was done and everything came back clear. I have a follow-up appointment so hopefully my gastroenterologist and I can figure out how to manage my digestive system. I have a long history of having stomach issues and it’s the worst. I have other health issues and issues with my digestive system is incredibly emotionally draining. Over the years the list of foods I can eat gets shorter and shorter. And I try different medicines and get put through procedures. And there’s always the false hope things will settle down and get better! My other health problems excluding my bladder disease, are easier to deal with. For example I know what will help my back pain even though having to get shots in my back is awful. My rheumatologist and I are trying to figure out the right dose of gabapentin to manage my Fibromyalgia but those symptoms are less embarrassing compared to my digestive system symptoms.

Anyways enough about my health. I’m planning to focus more on blogging! And I hope to get started on my list of books about autism. And I’m looking to do some freelance writing. I’ve had a rough few months but I’m not going to keep that from my goals. I hope everyone is doing well. And if not I hope things will start to look up for you! ❤

Published by deannajv

I'm autistic. I'm also married and have a daughter. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Family Studies and Human Services.

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