Beautiful Child

Sigh. What is it with some neurotypical parents playing martyr when it comes to parenting an autistic child? If you haven’t heard the latest offensive parenting article came from Popsugar; a mom compares parenting her autistic son to a job no one wants.

Nicole feels that if her role was put in the paper or posted online, it wouldn’t get many interested candidates. “If this job was advertised, I couldn’t see many people applying,” she said.

Umm hello? Can she not see how offensive that is? One day her son will be able to look up this article and see what his mother really thinks about him. I would be devastated if either of my parents wrote this about me. Granted they didn’t know I had autism while I was growing up but they knew I was different. And yes I was difficult but there are some things you do not say about your child online!

I could keep going about what was wrong with this article but I need to keep calm as I’ve been dealing with heart problems recently. So I am going to spend time to write about how awesome it is to parent an autistic child. See I believe all children are gifts from God, yes even autistic children. And I know not everyone is religious or even believes in God (which is totally okay and cool too). All children have intrinsic worth. No child is worth more or less because at the end of the day they are all human. And all humans have worth. Once again ALL children have intrinsic worth.

Now I’ll admit I’m a little biased and think I have the most wonderful girl in the whole world but my point still stands. All children have intrinsic worth. And I fell in love with my daughter before she was even born. When I first saw her after she was born my heart exploded with joy and worry (wait, if you’re out here I can’t protect you from everything).

I had to take a break from blogging and go pick up my daughter from preschool. As soon as we pulled into the driveway she says, “Mom you’re the best!” I love her so much because she’s mine. Sure she can have rough days but so do I, that’s part of being human. She’s sweet, so goofy, creative and intelligent. Her current special interests include cats and words. She wants to be a scientist and study everything. She also gives the best hugs!

Image description: My daughter standing in front of a Christmas tree

I’m also in awe of her because she’s so kind and compassionate. Unfortunately since 2018 I’ve dealt with serious health issues. She’s become very aware of the fact that mommy doesn’t have energy a lot of days. She has adapted to us finding quieter ways to play. Thank goodness I have my husband so he can play more active games with her. But I’m convinced she’s so compassionate because she’s neurodivergent. She has some struggles due to sensory processing disorder and it makes her better able to empathize with others. Even if all her wonderful traits didn’t outweigh the difficult days I would still love her. And parenting her is not a burden. Sure it’s not easy but parenting isn’t easy for anyone. Parenting her is a privilege. Watching her develop into her own person is a privilege. Watching how resilient she is is a privilege. I love who she is but mostly I love her because she’s my beautiful child. My beautiful autistic child who doesn’t need to hide who she is because I love her just as she is.

Published by deannajv

I'm autistic. I'm also married and have a daughter. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Family Studies and Human Services.

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